Griff and The Sasquatch 2nd Logo

A business card emblem for the "Griff and Sasquatch" YouTube channel
A business card emblem for the “Griff and Sasquatch” YouTube channel

While being a student for Graphic Design, I thought I’d try my hand at some freelancing work; creating assets for games, logos for people’s YouTube channels, creating web pages for local business, etc.  Here are some of those works that I have created for others, either for free for a small fee.

My buddies over at the “Griff and Sasquatch” YouTube channel decided they wanted to create more buzz for their show, so they wanted to create some business cards to be able to pass out at conventions, or wherever else they might be shoveling their unique brand of humor and helpfulness.  Considering I had helped them previously with a cartoony and simplistic logo for their actual YouTube channel (which can be viewed here), they decided to ask for my help yet again.  This time, they were looking for a logo that was succinct, familiar, yet still unique enough to not be confused with other logos, so we decided to go with a Superman-esque emblem with both of their initials in the middle.  After a day of throwing something together – creating the letters from scratch, adding the right filters, and giving it a 3D look – I finally came up with what you see above.

This is only the second time I have had to create a type of icon/emblem using Photoshop (the first being here), but I feel I am finally beginning to understand what it takes to make both a simple, yet powerful logo, and plan on creating even more intricate ones as my experience and education develops!

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