Griff and The Sasquatch 1st Logo

The first logo for the Youtube channel "Griff and The Sasquatch"
The first logo for the Youtube channel “Griff and The Sasquatch”

While being a student for Graphic Design, I thought I’d try my hand at some freelancing work; creating assets for games, logos for people’s YouTube channels, creating web pages for local business, etc.  Here are some of those works that I have created for others, either for free for a small fee.

Two of my Facebook friends began to ask me one day how to host a YouTube channel, because they felt like they had things that needed to be said and heard.  I began to tell them how to set up YouTube itself, how to control programs like OBS for recording, how to use certain editing software to make better videos, and a few other things to help them get started.  A few months went by and their subscribers went into the triple digits, with a decent amount of videos in their armory.  I suppose they felt like kicking up their show a little bit more, and asked me if I wouldn’t mind creating a logo for their channel, to try to encompass what they were about in a simplified, cartoon fashion.  After 3 different version of changing certain aspects at the behest of my patrons, this is the one that we both agreed looked the best, and the rest is YouTube history.

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