Star Seeker Ship Model (Interactive)

Within the RPG titles of the “Legends of Saviors” are many planets with different creatures, people, cultures, and histories that will all have a unique and distinct look from one another, but following a similar style.  I hope to create models that reflect exactly what it is I’m looking for, and create a consistent look with everything.

Star Seekers were a contingent of specially trained “warrior monks” from the various Perspectives of the ST’RCK-5 multi-macroverse, raised – in an attempt – to fight back the chaos that had been consuming one of the 5 Perspectives (Reksta, specifically).  From every planet, in every Perspective, certain people were chosen to take on the mantle of basically “mini Buntaiens,” were trained and transformed accordingly, then were given special knowledge to help them build space ships that could travel interdimensionally.  Each Star Seeker had a different looking ship, but overall had the same functionalities as each other; that it could oscillate in and out of different dimensions, had living quarters for the pilots, and some even had weapons attached to them (but this was mostly seen as unnecessary, as the Star Seekers were supposed to be pacifistic ambassadors, of sorts.  Above with the interactive model are lore points, which will give you more information about the ships.  Also, if all of this isn’t enough, check out another post about it!

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