Inner Fire Shrine Model (Interactive)

Within the RPG titles of the “Legends of Saviors” are many planets with different creatures, people, cultures, and histories that will all have a unique and distinct look from one another, but following a similar style.  I hope to create models that reflect exactly what it is I’m looking for, and create a consistent look with everything.

I finally got myself a SketchPad account – where one can upload their models and have them be interacted with in real-time, under different lighting conditions – and will be uploading most of my better models so anyone can interact with them.  The very first model I’ve uploaded is the Inner Fire shrine from the “Legends of Saviors: The Buntaien Souls” RPG title in the works (and was originally a final project I had to create for a college class).  On the model above are points of lore, but if that is not enough, here is a previous post with more information!

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