The Original Saide (Throwback)

One of the terrible twins on Katu, circa 2001
One of the terrible twins on Katu, circa 2001

The origins of “Legends of Saviors” lies within a Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT and Mortal Kombat amalgamated fan-fiction I had acted out with friends, wrote documents on, created a D&D campaign based on the lore, and crafted a short game made in RPGMaker.  I still have drawings from those days, and thought some people might be interested in what was going on almost two decades ago.

During the days before the RPGMaker version of “LoS,” I had created characters, cultures, and planets up until Hatz (which was, and still is, planned to be the 3rd playable planet/area).  During the process of creating the story for Luka and Katu, I was trying to figure out a suitable threat for her and her planet, and finally decided on having a pair of twins from an alien world. They both end up somehow infiltrating the Katuar Empire at its highest points of power, all the while changing minute details of the Katuar society to better suit their tastes.  Eventually, Angole and Saide (the sister and brother of the twins) find out about Luka’s miraculous abilities and status, and end up having her thrown into prison for a crime that they had committed themselves; this was both to keep Luka from gaining any more abilities, and to lure the other Buntaiens out of hiding to help her.  Other than the aforementioned snippet of story, the abilities that these twins possessed had to do with the manipulation of the basic shapes of matter (to transform and alter silhouettes and sometimes details, therein).  Their ultimate ability involved them combining themselves into a new powerful force, able to alter the whole of matter (and not just the outlines).

As for Saide’s and Angole’s place in the newer concepts, I still plan on using them and their unique abilities, but their origin stories will be a lot more complex and integral to the entire history of the planet Katu, itself!

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