Original Chaos Warriors | Surcease (Throwback)

Original concept for a Chaos Warrior known as Surcease, circa 2002
Original concept for a Chaos Warrior known as Surcease, circa 2002

I have yet to really go into any information regarding the set of 5 “warriors” that are purposed to be the antitheses to the 5 main Buntaiens I have been posting about; which have been named in the past – and still have this name presently, so far – “Chaos Warriors” (since “Buntaien” loosely means “Balance/Nature/Cosmic Angel”); so here are some older concepts of some of them.

There were to be 5 Chaos Warriors in all, however as the years went by, I got into other projects, and began to put away all of the ideas I had been working on for so very long.  With that being said, I did get the concepts of 4 of the 5 Chaos Warriors, with the 4th one being the antithesis to Kaiel.  Surcease (or at least with the small lore I did end up writing for him/it) was supposed to be very powerful, yet very frail – like with the term “glass cannon”); he typically used Essence abilities exclusively, and could control the plasma/blood within all living things, including himself.  He was to be shrouded in a coat most of the time because of his supposedly non-corporeal “body” not being able to keep a form without some sort of barrier giving it one.  One other thing I do remember writing for him is that he was either the amalgamated souls of either Kaiel’s parents or that of Kendell and other beings, given substance and drive, and was created to raise tension and drama in the scenes where they are both fighting.

I do plan on recreating a type of Surcease-like character for the final version of the games, and already have some ideas and concepts in mind and on paper!

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