Golden Pirate Spyglass Model

One of the earlier models I created in 2016
One of the earlier models I created in 2016

During my second foray into the college life, I decided to go for an Associate’s in Video Game Design (specifically for the artsy side of the process, rather than the technical parts, for now).  During these two years at BCTCS, I have learned how to create GDDs appropriately, construct 3D models using Maya, create textures for those models (using Photoshop and Maya), import assets and create small games with said assets within Unity, and learned overall about the new and old techniques it takes to make an efficient and unique video game.

Nearing the end of my 2nd semester at BCTC, I had to create two different items at once, but both fitting a similar theme; in this case, I created a Spyglass (what you see above) and a Navy cutlass (which I will be posting later).  This model was definitely one of the easier ones to design and create – considering it’s literally a cylinder within a cylinder within a cylinder…you get the idea.  Considering it didn’t take that long to model, I decided to add some small details here and there (of which some you can’t really see in this picture), adding in a leather grip with stitching, various layers of lenses on both sides, and a nice, golden shine as if to scream, “I’mma pirate, an’ I stole this, an’ it’s mine!”

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