Original Chaos Warriors | Fay (Throwback)

Original concepts for a Chaos Warrior known as Fay, circa 2002
Original concept for a Chaos Warrior known as Fay, circa 2002

I have yet to really go into any information regarding the set of 5 “warriors” that are purposed to be the antitheses to the 5 main Buntaiens I have been posting about; which have been named in the past – and still have this name presently, so far – “Chaos Warriors” (since “Buntaien” loosely means “Balance/Nature/Cosmic Angel”); so here are some older concepts of some of them.

The creature known as Fay was another of the original Chaos Warriors, who specifically was created to be the antithesis to Wajoby.  Fay was somewhat unique because (as it was originally written, even though it didn’t make the most sense) he was the reanimated body of someone who had died MANY years prior to his “reawakening,” and was blood related to one of the Buntaiens; in this case, it was, again, Wajoby.  Before he was killed and eventually repurposed for destruction, his name was Alec Sughes and he was a normal mortal living on Par’N with his brother, among the southern continent, both acting as Star Vicars for The Sun’s Ray religious movement.  One day, Wajoby (who was known as Jakob Sughes at the time) was chosen to be a Star Seeker for the RuMa of Par’N, and was sent off on a mission to another Perspective, leaving his brother behind, to protect the planet.  To make a long story short, while Jakob was gone, Alec had been captured, tortured, and “killed” (more like stuck in a type of limbo) by the corrupted MaRu of Par’N.  His body and soul was kept around until one day, MANY years later, it was given to the infamous Dr. Kendell in an attempt to start creating a set of synthetic Buntaiens; which at this point, Kendell figured he would also use his other backup Yin-clone (the 2nd out of 4), and repurpose it, as well, for another synthetic Buntaien (or later known as a Chaos Warrior).  Fay’s innate abilities have to do with acid-like powers, where Wajoby represents structure through solids (earth-based attacks), Fay represents the lack of structure through liquids (the melting of solids).

*As a side note, the designs and concepts I am posting here about the original Chaos Warriors will not be the same as the final ones; I have already begun new concepts and writings for the newer version of “Mock Buntaiens,” and feel it will make more sense, and hopefully stir up more emotions within the characters and players, alike.

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