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Original concepts for a Chaos Warrior known as Grave, circa 2002
Original concepts for a Chaos Warrior known as Grave, circa 2002

I have yet to really go into any information regarding the set of 5 “warriors” that are purposed to be the antitheses to the 5 main Buntaiens I have been posting about; which have been named in the past – and still have this name presently, so far – “Chaos Warriors” (since “Buntaien” loosely means “Balance/Nature/Cosmic Angel”); so here are some older concepts of some of them.

Originally – and this is still true presently – Grave was the codename given to the 2nd of the 4 Yin-clones, so far, created by Dr. Kendell.  Grave was the only clone to have been built from the ground-up, using both biological and mechanical components; another unique quality of Grave was the fact he also had no eyes, or visual senses, but had a piece of a Kay Crystal Heart embedded into his throat, giving him a keen sense of spatial awareness.  Graves antitheses match was supposed to be Yenen (considering they were made from the same set of clones), and was supposed to counter his life/energy powers with void powers (not really death, per se, but more like limbo or “nothing”).  Grave is still planned for being a final Mock Buntaien (part of present Kendell’s 2nd set of synthetic Buntaiens), but will have a drastically different origins, physical features, and otherwise different persona (however the innate abilities of “void” will more than likely still be used).  I would like to not only have him in “The Buntaien Souls” RPG, where he is originally from, but also possibly have him (and the other Chaos Warriors) as added characters in the “Buntaien Brawlers” fighting title, as well.

Look forward to a new concept of Grave in the future!

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