The Original Wajoby (Throwback)


Original concepts for the two "faces" of Wajoby, circa 2002
Original concepts for the two “faces” of Wajoby, circa 2002

The origins of “Legends of Saviors” lies within a Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT and Mortal Kombat amalgamated fan-fiction I had acted out with friends, wrote documents on, created a D&D campaign based on the lore, and crafted a short game made in RPGMaker.  I still have drawings from those days, and thought some people might be interested in what was going on almost two decades ago.

Wajoby was originally not my idea at all, but was a character my cousin had made back during one of our many D&D excursions back in the late 90’s, early 00’s.  As my main D&D character, Yenen, and his main went on many adventures together, some of those experiences helped lend ideas to the original fan-fiction version of “LoS.”  After a while, when we began to develop a more original story with less derivative characters, I decided to draw up what I thought he would look like (during both his time on Hatz, and what he would transform into when he finally got his memories/abilities back).  From there, my cousin gave me full leeway with his character, and I then figured a great place for him, as the original Buntaien of the Saro Perspective).

Wajoby’s story eventually adapted an older story into his being, one I had created through a Mortal Kombat spin-off fan-fiction I had started when I was around nine.  There had been a character I created called “Rule Master” (which is what RuMa actually stands for) and one of his stories involved taking an inter-dimensional ship to distant lands, with a cyborg and a genetically-enhanced ninja-like being, to face against Master Rule (which is what MaRu actually stands for, as well) and his many minions.  With the more recent concepts for RuMa and MaRu, it would be impossible for a RuMa to leave their domaciles and physically pilot a ship, so instead, I developed that story to involve Wajoby on a mission to another one of the Perspectives (Reksta, in this case) with many other “Star Seekers” to help balance out that universe; both stories are similar, but very much different.

If you’d like to see the most current version of Wajoby, check this post out!

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