The Planet Par’N Concept

The 3 Historic Phases of the planet Par'N
The 3 Historic Phases of the planet Par’N

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will begin their cosmic adventure on the 1st playable cosmic entity (a planet in this case), known as Par’N, within the Saro Perspective.

Par’N, within “The Buntaien Souls” RPG game, will act as both the first, playable planet to balance out, and also as a central hub or base where the player will spend more time than the other planets.  With this in mind, it is important to have enough things to do on Par’N, as to not make it a boring, lifeless husk of a hub (as some games sadly do).  With that being said, Par’N has, what is called, “dead-tech” that is scattered across the remaining landmasses; which include energy towers, entire cities, and the technology therein.  The player will have the option to find a way to fix various dead-tech spread around the planet, which in turn will help the inhabitants recover their lost history within the data banks of the Controller Cities, and basically their old way of life.  There are 3 different landmasses on the planet as well, which again, will serve as “milestones” or checkpoints for the planet (and kind of the whole story, in general); where the first landmass will be accessed in the beginning of the game, the second landmass will be accessed once a Buntaien leaves for Katu, and the third landmass will be accessed once a Buntaien(s) leaves for Hatz.  After that, depending on the choices you made during the events of the three landmasses, there will be a type of “epilogue” that will eventually play out once the player gets far enough in the game.  Also, specifically with Par’N, the RuMa Temple will act as the physical base for the Buntaiens, where they will be able to train their abilities (while possibly learning new ones), teleport to other RuMa Temples on other planets, build new rooms for various purposes, and hang out and talk with the other Buntaiens for character progression and narrative purposes.

If you are interested in more details of the newest concept of Par’N, check out this post and this post!

*As a side note, this is basically the theme for all of the 5, main planets, where they are in a certain state of disarray when you arrive, and – once again – depending on the choices you make, and the actions you take/don’t take, the planets will be different later on, once you visit them again near the ending of the game.

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