Saro Perspective | Present Phase

 A basic diagram of the inside of the Saro Perspective during its Present Historic Phase

A basic diagram of the inside of the Saro Perspective during its Present Historic Phase

The cosmic laws and entities of the ST’RCK-5 multi-macroverse are both similar and alien to our own.  There are planets and suns, with various types of life on some of them, but the ways these bodies work is not always exactly the same as ours.

Continuing from the previous post about “Perspectives,” there are indeed 5, that revolve around a giant God Star.  Each Perspective is called thus because they each represent the different – 6, originally – aspects of the STARCK being that helped create it (again, with the help of the Kay Crystal).  The name STARCK is actually an acronym, and each letter is a word, in which, each word is the name of each of the different aspects/perspectives of this god-being.  As for the ST’RCK-5, a 6th Perspective (the “A” one – which stands for “Aryk”) had to be quelled and sealed away for the purpose of the experiment this particular god-being helped devise.  Just like how each sun within each Sol-System has a specific theme and engenders specific traits within the beings that live around it, each Perspective, as well, also has different themes, which also controls certain aspects within each.

This diagram is during the 3rd – and most present – Historic Phase (also dubbed as the “Present Phase”), which, specifically for the Saro Perspective, sees a large decline in the lives on the “Alpha planets” (planets which bear a native Alpha Species), a loss of secondary planets (those that don’t seem to have an Alpha Species), and overall peace.  As a Buntaien, it is essential to be summoned into a Perspective when it tends to go out of balance (but had to be of a large degree), however, considering the new plans set out by Wajoby and the RuMas of Saro, the summoning of these Buntaiens had to wait until there was no other choice but to rely on their powers to help set things right.  As seen in the picture above, most of the planets, at this point of history, has been irrevocably changed (and most, for the worse), and it is up to the player to create harmony for the remaining living beings, ignore their pleas for help to go on a more personal and selfish journey.

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