Yenen’s Buntaien Weapon Model

Concepts of the 3 variations of Yenen's Buntaien Weapon
Concepts of the 3 “levels” of Yenen’s Buntaien Weapon

Within the RPG titles of the “Legends of Saviors” are many planets with different creatures, people, cultures, and histories that will all have a unique and distinct look from one another, but following a similar style.  I hope to create models that reflect exactly what it is I’m looking for, and create a consistent look with everything.

Each Buntaien of the Saro Perspective can, eventually at one point, be able to summon a level 1 version of their distinct weapon, and with enough training and/or while facing a strong enough enemy, they can eventually have it transform to two stronger levels; which in turn endows them with stronger versions of their Essence abilities – and even new ones!  As for Yenen’s weapon, which is known as the “Kumojahitii Blade” (pronounced as “Koo-mo-ja-he-tee”), which in First Tongue roughly means “Justice Brought Forth By Light,” is a short, thick bastard-type sword.  Most of the blade itself, within its final form, will be of a hard crystal-like material that can split apart from each other, and be used to fight against enemies in various ways.  The main Essence behind this weapon is usually in the form of different types of lightning, which (again, in the level 3 version) will course through the various spheres and can charge up the blade for stronger attacks.

*As a side note, all Buntaien weapons, in all of their forms/levels, are not necessarily totally material, and only exist while they are being held/used by their “masters;” otherwise, the weapon disappears if it falls out of the user’s hands, tossed away, etc.

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