Planet Signa (aka Tara) History

The history of the fifth playable planet, Signa
The history of the fifth playable planet, Signa

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure onto the 5th playable planet, known as Signa (originally known as Tara), within the Saro Perspective.

In the beginning, Tara was one of the most beautiful, tame, and simplistic planets in the Saro Perspective.  With fluorescent forests, glass-like lakes, rolling hills, and a variety of differently shaped Kay Slivers scattered around, Tara also housed an Alpha Species that started out as Gatherings of complacent tree-like beings, but eventually evolved into free-thinking, curious creatures.  The later history of Tara/Signa, is also the story of one of the Tarakins, named Kendell, who – during the Normg Virus years and beyond – was not affected by mortality, and ended up creating a vast array of technologies that would eventually clone his own people, harness and store the souls of his people, create “atom-infusing” technology that could combine the atoms of machinery and natural elements, and many other breakthroughs.  Because of these amazing achievements, the other Tarakins that lived among Kendell and his inventions – and city – donned him the title of “Insignacious” (roughly translates to “The Illuminated One”), named themselves the “Signites, and changed the name of their planet to “Signa.”  Ultimately, the technologies they created ended up replacing all familiar elements on their planet into something far from natural, and the Signites decided to stop cloning themselves, and most of them opted to join the “soulmind” within the Cloud Buster Mausoleum, in the middle of Signite City in the northern pole.

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