Luka Soar Akanisha Concept

The 4th playable character of an ensemble cast
The 4th playable character of an ensemble cast

Within the Fighting title and first RPG game of the “Legends of Saviors,” players can also take on the role of Luka, the Fire Buntaien of Friction, within the Saro Perspective.

Luka Soar Akanisha (her middle name indicating the Sekt she lives with and works for, her last name indicating her personal abilities/attributes) was born and raised on the planet Katu, mostly among the area in and around Katu’s Capital Municipal under their biggest, long-standing Grand Spire tree.  Her designations indicate that she was born into one of the higher families of her people, and is presently tasked with the guardianship of her’s and lesser Sekts (also known as families), so she has been trained to fight her entire life.  She is well-known among everyone on her planet as a strong, caring, and charismatic person, but eventually a certain conspiracy lands her in confinement, for something she possibly didn’t do: the killing of one of their sacred Kueens – a type of “brood mother” in their civilization and culture.  The player will ultimately have to make their way to Katu in an attempt to find the 4th Buntaien on their list, and will eventually find out it might just be the very person that is lined up for execution, and figure out a way to either prove her possible innocence, or use your abilities to break her out and defy her people.

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