Planet Jagg Legend

The different landmarks of the planet Jagg
The different landmarks of the planet Jagg

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure next, to the 4th playable planet, known as Jagg, within the Saro Perspective.

The planet Jagg is one of the most unique planets (during it’s Primal Phase, anyway) within the Saro Perspective, and not just because of its unusual biome, but because of the gargantuan Kay Shard that punctures through both sides of the world; which also gives it a unique planetary rotation.  Once the Alpha Species evolved, they decided to flood their planet because they felt it didn’t harbor enough forms of life, and eventually began mining up resources from the southern tip of the Kay Shard.  After creating giant, swimming cities, space-faring, bubble ships, and using Kay material in many different ways (of which most were concealed from a large amount of the populace), they eventually sent some of their species into space to meet up with other Alpha Species, if they did happen to exist.  On the planet Signa, they met with Insignacious Kendell, and after an exchange of ideas and technology on both ends, they left with an even more profound understanding of life, their universe, and their role in it.  Sadly, nearing the finish of one of their greatest technological, economical, and spiritual breakthroughs (something that was being developed deep within the planet), a horrible event occurred that decimated their world, then, within an instant, froze their planet whole.  Ever since then, the world has become a desolate sphere, with almost no activity being detected on the entirety of its surface.  However, an odd, faint signal can be detected from an area in the south-western part of the planet, but it seems to be from under the layer of ice, itself.

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