Planet Jagg History

The history of the fourth playable planet, Jagg
The history of the fourth playable planet, Jagg

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure next, to the 4th playable planet, known as Jagg, within the Saro Perspective.

When Jagg was conceived through the Singularity Birth (when the entirety of the ST’RCK-5 multi-macroverse came into existence), it began as a jagged, sea urchin-like, rocky planet with piercing mountains, hot spring fields, and various types of pools of water with diverse types of ecosystem, sitting in different tiers at the base of each mountain.  During the evolution of the Khestlings (Jagg’s Alpha Species), they used their water-controlling abilities to summon up liquids from deep within the world, and flooded the surface until the water reached about 1/3rd of the base of each mountain.  In doing so, the planet’s atmosphere and indigenous life forms began to adapt, change, and evolve to better suit their new environment.  After many years, once the Khestlings had created various technologies (one, in particular, dealing with space flight), a horrible incident happened where the planet was entirely flash-frozen, almost to its core, and all flora and fauna on the surface of the planet, and even within the waters, were killed off.  There is a rumor that behind the giant gate, frozen underwater in the southern pole, however, is a possible place where the last vestiges of Jagg could possibly be located.

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