Yenen (aka Yin-En) Concept

The 2nd playable character of an ensemble cast
The 2nd playable character of an ensemble cast

Within the Fighting title and first RPG game of the “Legends of Saviors,” players can also take on the role of Yenen, the Energy Buntaien of Life, within the Saro Perspective.

Yenen, formerly designated “Yin-En” by Insignacious Kendell, is first met by the player when a certain character tries to awaken the hidden demon within Kaiel, but is dispatched almost too quickly.  Yenen tells Kaiel that he was raised on the broken and flooded islands to the east, but came to train under the RuMa of Par’N within the giant, plateaued mountain at the northern pole.  After spending many years harnessing his Buntaien soul against another Buntaien that lived within the RuMa Temple, he was tasked with finding the 3rd Buntaien of the Saro Perspective (5, being in all), in which he eventually surmises is Kaiel Genhold.  Yenen is a somewhat introverted person, and rarely talks about his past or childhood; almost as if he doesn’t even know, himself.  As your adventure progresses, you will find out that Yenen is far more integral to the overall story, than previously realized.

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